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Outdoor Market Tour

A tour of a famous open air market in the heart of Paris, along with a choice of Lunch or Dinner

120€ per person

We will do the shopping and then prepare a meal together in my Parisian kitchen!

A French Family Dinner

A Five Course Family Style Dinner with Wine

135€ per person

Enjoy a family style meal, done French style.  A wonderful experience with great food, good wines and super company!

An Elegant Five Course Meal with Paired Wines

145€ per person

Be the guest of honor at a French Dinner Party!  A wonderful way to experience an important cultural gift of French food, wine and conversation!

We will navigate our way through the main wine regions of France, tasting seven wines that are paired with a delicious dinatoire. The seminar is full of information suited to beginning and intermediate wine enthusiasts.

185€ per person

Navigate the Wine Regions of France tasting seven wines and pairing them with a delicious dinatoire.  

Champagnes Side by Side

This seminar and tasting takes you through the champagne region, where we taste the different blends and styles of six high end champagnes.

190€ per person (4 person minimum)

Taste six high end champagnes know what big names you really think are the BEST!

Cru Beaujolais

These Cru Beaujolais' range from light and fruity, to big and jammy. Try a selecion of five crus, with a gourmet dinatoire, or spoil yourself and taste all ten!

135€ for 5 crus or 190€ for all 10!

Choose to taste five cru's or all ten These Gamay wines are a treat!

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Navigating French Wines

In depth tastings, seminars, and dinner parties

 chez moi, in the heart of Paris!

Tasting Seminars

Knowing what wine you like is one thing!

Knowing how to find it, may be quite another!

These tasting seminars are fun and informative, and without pretentiousness, so you can 

discover and explore the delicious

wines of France, and learn enough

wine knowledge to make you

feel like an expert! 


Following an afternoon or evening

of tasting, you will know how to order

and purchase wines that you like,

as well as the geography of the wine growing regions, and the

grape varietals that they are

known for.


At every seminar and tasting,

a gourmet dinatoire will be

served that complements the wines,

and you certainly won't be leaving hungry, but you will leave with

all the knowledge you need to

create your own successful wine

and food combinations.

Just like the pros!

The evening includes the seminar,

lots of tasting, an amazing gourmet dinatoire, and a souvenir booklet.

Dinner Parties

My dinner parties are just that.....


Come for great food, wine and enjoy the company of myself and some friends for an evening you will always remember!

Choose your entré, and your

dessert to customize your menu.

The dinners and seminars are done

in my home and limited in the number of people, and must be reserved in

advance by deposit. 

Minimum 2 persons,

unless otherwise noted.

I'm looking forward to tasting

with you soon!