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Cru Beaujolais and Gourmet Dinatoire

During this seminar and tasting, you may find yourself

falling in love with wines from the Beaujolais region.  

Come learn, taste and experience all that this region has to offer!


Five Cru Beaujolais Tasting        180€ per person

All Ten Cru Beaujolais Tasting   325€ per person


wine glass beaujoulais cru
tomatoes carrots charcuterie wine beaujoulais grapes cheese

I will guide you through the ten different Cru Beaujolais regions,

pairing them with beautifully prepared food that emphasizes the

taste of the wines.  Additionally, you will get to know about wine production, the secrets of how to pair wines with food,

as well as how to buy and enjoy these fine wines.

This unique seminar and tasting will show the real

value of this remarkable region that produces a large

spectrum of Gamay style varietal wines.

 From light and fruity to in-depth jammy,

must lay-down wine bombs.

  Your palette will certainly do back flips for these wines!


Most people associate Beaujolais with Nouveau Beaujolais,

which is not much more than raw, newly fermented grape juice,

and a marketing game, but CRU BEAUJOLAIS' on the other hand,

have much to offer, as you will see!

My spacious home is located in a nice suburb of Paris
with easy public transport or with taxi/uber service.
A taxi/uber service will be provided at no extra charge,
for your return to your hotel or apartment. (If you are located in Paris)

wine in a glass and tiny gaspacho soups
cru beaujoulais ten wine bottles bread
deviled eggs with olives
braised beef appetizer tomatoes
charcuterie meat chease candle bread asparagus
wine cheese bread tomatos beaujoulais wine wineglass
vegetables hors doeuvres carrots
cherries cheese and knife bowl
gamay cru beaujoulais wine bottles red wine regnie cote de brouilly fleurie
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