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Side by Side

with Gourmet Dinatoire

This seminar and tasting takes you through the champagne region where we taste the different blends and styles of the high-end champagnes, side by side.  

210€ each for a party of 6 persons
315€ each for a party of 4 persons

Cuvee Rose.jpeg
A magnum of choices.jpeg

I would venture to guess that not many people have had the luxury of tasting high end champagnes side by side, because frankly, it is just too expensive.  With this format however, it is arranged that for the price of a nice dinner out, you get the opportunity to do just that, taste luxury bubbles, and learn what flavor profile is really your favorite!

You will get to taste a champagne that is made from 100% Pinot Noir, one that is made from 100% Chardonnay, ones that are made from the blend of 60%-40%, and also the reverse of 40%-60%.   There will also be a special vintage champagne, and famous cuvees.  


In addition to the great champagnes, you will also be served a  gourmet dinatoire, that is paired with the champagnes.  What is more extravagantly french, besides great champagnes and a gourment dinatoire?  

My spacious home is located in a nice suburb of Paris with easy  public transport  or with taxi/uber service.
A taxi/uber service will be provided at no extra charge, for your return to your hotel or apartment.
(If you are located in Paris)
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