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I thoroughly enjoyed Navigating French Wines with Camilla.  She is a charming and knowledgeable host who makes her guests feel at ease from the start.  The seminar is informal but practical and comprehensive.  She covers a lot of ground but makes it understandable for wine lovers

of every level.  The seminar covers just the right amount of information

to allow guests to go out and taste and buy French wine with confidence without bogging them down with unnecessary minutia.  I thought she really hit it spot-on!  And the food she serves is delicious.  It's definitely not just "wine and cheese"!  She provides multiple courses of carefully thought-out dishes to the point that it feels like a high-end restaurant!  You certainly won't go away hungry.  Overall, in terms of education,

food and wine, her seminar is a great value and I'd happily do it again.

           -Richard Price

June 2016

You are faced with a challenge - your trip to experience France is too short to visit all the wine regions. Yet you really want to experience the wide range of the wonderful wines France has to offer. Navigating French Wine is the perfect and easy answer to you problem.

You will not just taste wonderful examples of wines from the famous wine regions of France (Burgundy, Languedoc, Bordeaux, the Loire, Alsace, Champagne etc.) but your marvelous hostess Camilla will also teach you about the terroir (the landscape, climate and soil), the wine making techniques and the taste characteristics of the various wines from the regions.

The wine is of course wonderful, but in France just wine is not really enough. You need to pair the right cheese with each of the various wines. Camilla’s session will teach you about these all-important pairings by providing a variety of fantastic cheeses to accompany your wine. And not just cheeses, Navigating French Wine will also include appropriate breads and additional nibbles to allow you to fully experience the various wines.

Navigating French Wine happens in lovely neighborhood, a few minutes from the Etoile. The location is beautiful and will give you a chance to see a traditional Paris apartment from the inside.

Drinking delightful French wines paired with delicious chesses and other food in a lovely setting, with a lovely hostess. A not to be missed experience.

                                        -Carol Brown

                               Nov 2016

The evening you put together was one of the highlights of my trip. You gave me the opportunity to taste the 2003 Dom Perignon, the first vintage Champagne I'm aware of having tasted. Very special. And you introduced me to Ruinart, which I'd never come across. One person on Twitter remarked that Ruinart is not easy to find here. Thanks so much for turning me on to these great and distinguished bubbles. Interesting that our tastes and sensibilities agree on Taittinger/Ruinart.

 -Kathy from Simple Hedonism

Camilla's wine tasting is one of the best activities I have experienced in Paris. Learning the proper way to pair food and wine has changed my life in Paris and helps when I travel to make the best of my eating and drinking experiences in fine restaurants. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a local experience in a real Parisian home with an expert in the field. Also, you will enjoy Camilla's warm personality!

                 -Krystal Kenney

             Oct 2015

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a local experience in a real Parisian home with an expert in the field. Also, you will enjoy Camilla's warm personality!

Aug 2017

The Navigating French Wine seminars are excellent! Taught by a 20+ year wine expert and California native, Paris-based Camilla Radford Furman is the perfect person to introduce people to the complex world of French wines or to further deepen any wine-lover’s knowledge base. What’s more, Camilla provides the fun and enlightening presentations in English, which is very much appreciated by the large Anglophone expat community in Paris and well as the French locals hoping to hobnob and practice their English with us expats. I loved the diverse wine selection that Camilla offered us during the winter seminar. She has a magical way of taking all five of your senses on a luxurious journey through the best grape varietals. As if that weren’t enough, Camilla pairs each wine with the most decadent spread of fine cheeses, breads, pâtés, and fruits. If I could drink, eat, and learn like that every day, I’d never leave Paris. If you’re just in town on your dream trip or you have moved to Paris recently, Camilla’s Navigating French Wine seminars are the ideal induction to what French culture is all about!


                              - Ariel S. Brown

                                                May 2016

This was our first Eatwith experience and we really enjoyed it, so much so that we may end up skipping dnner! Camilla is very knowledgeable we really enjoyed the great food and conversation. The trip through the market was lovely and we hope to go back there again soon. Thank you for a wonderful morning and afternoon! J & T, Toronto                                                                           

                           - John

                                                Nov 2018

Our dining experience at Camilla's was exceptional and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun evening full of good conversation, good wine, and great food. The meal was creative, well presented, and plentiful! Both Camilla and her fiancé Bruce were gracious and welcoming hosts and their home is beautiful.                                                                       

                           - Judy

                                                May 2019

The Wine Regions of France seminar was absolutely fabulous. Trying all of the wines and foods was fun but also learning how to pair all of the wines was very interesting and has sparked a passion of wine for me! The atmosphere, food, wine, and conversation were never lacking. Camilla is such a lovely, knowledgable, and bubbly host. This was truly a soirée educationnelle to never forget!                                                                      

                           - Rachel

                                                Oct 2018

What an absolutely delightful evening this was. Beyond fantastic food and wine was terrific conversation


March 2018

Camilla was a beautiful hostess who worked hard to meet all of our unique food needs and wishes. The food was so delicious and I'm grateful for the wonderful experience.


June 2019

Dining with Camilla is more than just a great dinner experience in a Parisian apartment. Camilla can not only prepare you an interesting, varied, and delicious dining experience, but she will match each course with the perfect wine. Not only are you getting a taste of Paris, you will learn why she has chosen each wine especially for you and your choices. I drop everything and immediately say "yes" when I get an invitation from Camilla. If she is opening her home to you, it is to welcome you and give you an evening to remember. She does nothing half way and is a wonderful hostess. Thing that is the most appealing about this experience is that you truly feel special.


AuG 2017

This is easily the best thing that we have done during our trip. Camilla and Bruce are wonderful hosts. We learned a lot, drank some amazing wines, and ate a gourmet meal fit for a King! Thank you!!!


July 2019

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