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The Wine Regions of France

In this seminar and tasting,

we navigate our way through France, visiting each main wine growing region,

tasting six wines, as we dine on five beautifully paired dishes

for a very  french gastronomic experience!

220€ per person *

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Our Navigation
We start in the Loire Valley, for a food friendly
and refreshing white wine.
Moving on, we to stop in Burgundy, where
Chardonnay is queen of the whites,
and is quite a delight,
and Pinot Noir is the prince of the reds. There is also Beaujolais, the forgotten wine of Kings.
Before getting to Bordeaux,
we will head to the South of France and taste the consistently fabulous wine from the Rhone Valley!
A gourmet dinatoire is served that includes artisanal bread and other delectable treats, such as Scallops and Shrimp Ceviche, Escargot in Pastry, Stuffed Mushrooms, a Tower of Provençal vegetables with Duck, and a Camembert baked with a Truffle filling. 
After the courses, chocolate and coffee or tea
will be served. 
This tasting and seminar are heavy on the seminar part,
as well as the tasting (both food and wine!).  We go over basic to intermediate wine knowledge, along with lots of wine trivia that is sure to impress your friends!  
Tasting and Seminar includes:  
 Six very nice wines from Provence, the Loire Valley, Burgundy,  the Rhone Valley, and Bordeaux, a delicious five-course meal,
and a souvenir wine seminar booklet.
Seminar, Tasting, and Gourmet Meal lasts
approximately three and a half hours
My spacious home is located in a nice suburb of Paris
with easy public transport or with taxi/uber service.
A taxi/uber service will be provided at no extra charge,
for your return to your hotel or apartment.
  (If you are located in Paris)

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